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Our company strives to go beyond the limits of a typical processing agency. We don’t consider the companies we provide temporary workers for as clients, we like to think each of them as partners. We build a relationship with them to understand their business and any projects they are completing, and we recognize that our ability to provide each of these partners with quality, motivated workers is essential to the success of their company. This is why we take a hands on approach and will work with you to fully understand your company’s needs. Our relationship and commitment to you does not end when the workers first arrive, but is maintained throughout the duration of their employment. We hope that you will consider using our company Practical Employee Solutions as your partner in any employment needs you may have.

Veronica Birkenstock

  • Established 1996
  • Located in Frisco, TX 
  • Provides legal temporary unskilled labor, specializing in the H-2B visa processing 
  • Have placed over 50,000 hospitality, landscapers, carnivals, general construction, and many other occupations
  • Able to recruit from any approved H-2B country -primarily from Mexico and Jamaica.

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