• Housekeepers
  • Food & Beverage Servers
  • Front Desk  Agents and Customer Service
  • Maintenance  and Trouble Shooter Workers
  • Life Guards
  • Stewards
  • Cooks
  • Truck Drivers
  • Sports
  • Recreation & Amusement
  • Coaches
  • Security Guards and Loss Prevention Personnel
  • Retail Clerks and Personal Shoppers
  • Landscapers and Foreman
  • Irrigation Technicians
  • Construction Workers
  • Welders
  • Oil and Gas
  • Facilities
  • Attendants

Types of Workers Available:

  • Candidates are pre-screened, assessed through basic questionnaire to test ability to read, write, comprehend and speak English.
  • Prescreening involves police background and conduct records, drug and alcohol as well as social background checks.
  • Upon selection, employment and certificate verification and authentication.
  • Resumes are prepared – sent to employer and webcam or phone interviews or in person interviews are arranged
  • Once applicants are selected by the employer, we issue job offers to all chosen applicants
  • All documentation is submitted to Immigration, and notices are sent to embassies in the home country of applicants
  • Embassy interviews are coordinated for each applicant
  • Progress reports of each applicants embassy status are sent to employer
  • Once visas are approved, travel coordination is prepared and approved by the employer.

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Services We Offer.....

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Other Services We Offer.....

  • Settlement Services
    • Meet/greet @ airport, social security number, banking, and groceries
  • Employee Housing
    • Sister company Walter-Hamilton Investments
  • Health Insurance for H-2B Workers.
    • Hospitality Recruiters Inc.